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Taiwan : Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle

08/19/14, 10:23 AM UTC+8 This is a must eat if you are ever in Taipei. Head on over to Ximending, morning or night and have a bowl of noodles. I have heard stories of people not being able to find this place so here are instructions. Take Exit 6 from the Metro Ximen Station (that…

Taiwan : From Airport to Hualien

08/16/14, 3:06 PM UTC+8 This begins the first post of Taiwan 2014 trip. This would be our second trip to Taiwan having visited in 2012. This was to be a free and easy, unplanned, ad hoc trip to reduce the stress of a structured self imposed tour. We disembarked the plane at 3pm after a…

Taiwan : BeiTou Thermal Valley

Mar 9, 2012 Fri, 4:45 PM Just a short metro ride and you can access BeiTou Thermal Valley for some shot springs. Rent a room and take a dip using water supplied from the geothermal valley. The hot water relaxes and soothes the body.