I travel as much as I can. I fly as much as I can.

Vlogging via :  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8uRvUtLQEwd9beeuaNl4_g
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Date and Time is at location’s local time.

I take risks and sometimes put myself in danger.

You have not been there if you have not eaten there, taken a photograph and see one tourist spot.

I love expressions of emotion and sometimes feel the world is on my shoulders; or it may be my backpack.

I’ve stopped dreaming as reality has caught up but if I am passing by your city, know that my dream has not died yet.

I am Daniel Chan. Working out of Singapore. I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Constantly chasing airplanes. Always chasing an Airbus A320. Chasing320.

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Daniel, I was browsing through your photos and there was one that caught my eye more than the others. I am building an app which helps connect people for the purpose of playing sports, and would potentially like to use one of your photos on my website and app sign in page. Please contact me and let me know if you would okay with that. Its the picture you took at the oval maidan in Mumbai, with people playing cricket with a group of boys playing football in the background. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Cheers!

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