Pisa, Italy : It’s really leaning. 17 Oct 2017

_MG_0352 -wp.jpg

*my ultra wide angle lens distorts the photos. It’s really leaning but photos may not portrait it.

Departure: Venezia S. Lucia (time: 07:25); Arrival: Firenze S. M. Novella (time: 09:30)

We woke up at 6am to check out early.
A quick walk to the Venezia S. Lucia and we were boarding the 7:25 am train to Firenze ( Florence ) where we connect to another train that would take us to Pisa.

We were skipping Florence. We made in on the transit with 8 minutes to spare as the train was delayed some 10 minutes.

Upon reaching Pisa, we got on a bus that would take us to Torre Pisa about 15 minutes bus ride away.

_MG_0333 -wp

Behind me, the entrance.

_MG_0334 -wp.jpg

_MG_0338 -wp.jpg

_MG_0365 -wp.jpg

Some want to support it, I will just tilt it.

_MG_0373 -wp.jpg

An hour or so here and we were leaving.

_MG_0385 -wp.jpg

_MG_0407 -wp.jpg

Time to head back to Pisa Centrale and we would have an hour to spare. Onwards to Roma!

Departure: Pisa Centrale (time: 14:57); Arrival: Roma Termini (time: 18:03)


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