Venice, Italy : I am not Marco Polo nor Casanova.

_MG_0312 -wp.jpg

Many years ago, Venice was picked as a must go place and was reserved for a honeymoon apparently.
I am running out of honeymoon candidates. It’s a good thing.

Train:Frecciarossa  9733  date  15/10/2017
Departure: Milano Centrale (time: 14:45); Arrival: Venezia S. Lucia (time: 17:10)

We arrived at 510pm and walked the 200 meters to the hotel.

Our initial plan was to stay at Venezia Maestre on the mainland for costs purposes but a last minute review of that decision caused us to cancel that booking and book at Venezia S Lucia, on Venezia Island itself.

Sunset was at 630pm and it was not likely possible that we can make it to Piazza San Marco to watch the sunset.

_MG_0032 -wp.jpg

Ponte degli Scalzi.

_MG_0037 -wp.jpg

We made our way, against a torrent stream of tourist heading back.

_MG_0043 -wp.jpg

I felt like salmon against the tide.

_MG_0044 -wp.jpg

Dusk was upon us as we arrived at Piazza San Marco.

_MG_0051 -wp.jpg

_MG_0058 -wp.jpg

_MG_0065 -wp.jpg

We were getting hungry.

_MG_0072 -wp.jpg

_MG_0077 -wp.jpg

_MG_0078 -wp.jpg

_MG_0082 -wp.jpg

Time to head back. The Rialto bridge on our way back.

_MG_0087 -wp.jpg

_MG_0094 -wp.jpg

Back near our hotel. We would sit at the steps just outside the train station and enjoy a gelato.

_MG_0096 -wp.jpg

Tomorrow’s going to be a repeat.

After breakfast, we headed out for the official day walk.

_MG_0106 -wp.jpg

_MG_0118 -wp.jpg

_MG_0120 -wp.jpg

_MG_0127 -wp.jpg

_MG_0138 -wp.jpg

Were we going to ride the gondolas today? The price was a bit steep._MG_0143 -wp.jpg

When you reach the Rialto Bridge, you know you are not too far from San Marco’s square.

_MG_0152 -wp.jpg

_MG_0155 -wp.jpg

Most of the canals were quiet in the early morning.

_MG_0197 -wp.jpg

The icon of the square : Campanile.

We learned that this was a reconstruction as the original collapsed in 1902.

Standing at 98.6 meters , it offers a perfect view of Venezia for 8 Euros.

_MG_0172 -wp.jpg

_MG_0176 -wp.jpg

_MG_0187 -wp.jpg

_MG_0178 -wp.jpg

The lines were short; it is the only reason why we went up.

_MG_0159 -wp.jpg

Doge’s Palace.

_MG_0164 -wp.jpg

_MG_0201 -wp.jpg

_MG_0211 -wp.jpg

_MG_0214 -wp.jpg

_MG_0226 -wp.jpg

The Bridge of Sighs, your last view of the sea and sky before you head to prison on the right. Everyone sighs.

_MG_0221 -wp.jpg

So do we ride the gondolas?

80 Euros for a 20 minute ride was steep.

But it’s the only time we were going to be in Venice.

Let’s go for it.

_MG_0236 -wp.jpg

We ended up topping up to go for the longer ride that costs 120 Euros. Go big or go home!!

_MG_0238 -wp.jpg

The gondolier just finished a ride with Malaysians and was surprised to hear that we were Malaysians too.

_MG_0240 -wp.jpg

_MG_0242 -wp.jpg

A very private and probably a must do in Venice, I guess.

_MG_0243 -wp.jpg

I would probably have regretted not taking the ride.

_MG_0245 -wp.jpg

_MG_0251 -wp.jpg

Our 120 Euro ride would take us to see Marco Polo’s House.

_MG_0253 -wp.jpg

_MG_0260 -wp.jpg

And also Casanova’s House.

_MG_0255 -wp.jpg

After our gondola ride, we were done and it was time for lunch.

_MG_0278 -wp.jpg

We ate under The Rialto Bridge a few splashes away from the canal.

_MG_0281 -wp.jpg

_MG_0287 -wp.jpg

This meal was the best meal in Italy for me albeit salty!

My lobster pasta would cost 22 Euros.

_MG_0296 -wp.jpg


_MG_0308 -wp.jpg

We passed by the market.

_MG_0309 -wp.jpg

_MG_0314 -wp.jpg

We did make a few wrong turns that ended up in dead ends.

_MG_0316 -wp.jpg

_MG_0330 -wp.jpg

We were back near our hotel.
I would leave my camera as we explored Venice in the evening nearby. Tomorrow morning is an 725am train ride to Firenze to head to Pisa for a 4 hour pitstop before continuing to Roma.





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