Santorini, Greece : Sunrise till Sunset. 13 Oct 2017.

Smack 5am, I woke up.
This is likely due to the jetlag.

I might as well make the most of it.
Grabbed my cameras and headed out into the cold.

_MG_9671 -wp.jpg

The sky was full of stars. Majestic.

I was the only one around and I felt like I had the entire island to myself.

_MG_9677 -wp.jpg

Facing east, you can see the day starting to break. The sun was somewhere below the horizon. This is another constant in life, no matter what, the sun will rise.

_MG_9681 -wp.jpg

I sat there in deep contemplation of life. How I am here and what I am thankful for despite all the darkness that follows my life.

2017-10-13 09.08.46 -wp.jpg2017-10-13 09.11.46 -wp.jpg

Now this was a packed breakfast.

_MG_9734 -wp.jpg

Sometimes, you see photos of beautiful places. I have been lucky enough to travel to most places to actually take those photos.

_MG_9730 -wp.jpg

We had to find our customary souvenirs of fridge magnets, so we headed out.

_MG_9739 -wp.jpg

I know, I took this photo before, but you just have to.

_MG_9735 -wp.jpg

The plan was to look at Imerovigli only but look where we ended up.

_MG_9752 -wp.jpg

In Fira!

_MG_9750 -wp.jpg

_MG_9755 -wp.jpg

The other hours was spent watching the day go by in Imerovigli.
The sun was setting and we weren’t going anywhere.

_MG_9759 -wp.jpg

_MG_9762 -wp.jpg

We found the small path up to be on the same level as the church at Imerovigli. It was part of the path to our hotel.

_MG_9767 -wp.jpg


We watched the sun set.

2017-10-13 18.38.29 -wp.jpg

No crowds today as we stayed in Imerovigli.
Just you and me.

_MG_9800 -wp.jpg

_MG_9811 -wp.jpg

Only God can make these colors.

2017-10-13 06.29.46 -wp.jpg

Good night. Tomorrow is a 1120am flight from Santorini to Milan. The next leg of our trip brings us to Italia!

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