Santorini, Greece : Collecting Postcards from Heaven. 12 Oct 2017.

Early 12 Oct, we woke up before sunrise in Athens and took the 40 minute ride to Athens International Airport just a little less than two days after we arrived into Athens.

Flight out was at 1010 and by Aegean ( Greek national airline )
Check in was very fast and simple.
Security made me sweat as they asked what was in my bag ( drone)!

Flight time took about 20 plus minutes.

We stayed at Imerovigli because Fira is normal town and more backpackers style stays.

We stayed at Zenith Blue. Eleni, the manager was very helpful and friendly.

Our hotel just under this church.

Here’s a short video of the place, press play after the jump :

This was the full caldera view room. There are cruise ships in the area. They dock at Fira and tons of people in the towns.

After checking in, we decided to go for a walk instaed of the planned laze-around.

This is Skaros Rock, a very prominment feature at Imerovigli. 

From Imerovigli, you can see Oia a far off. Oia on the left side of the photo. 

These are the hotels mainly. I think only 10% are residents or less.

The Skaros rock again. You can see the people walking on the start of the trail.
That’s how large the rock is.

Another view of the compactness of this place.

Most walkways are narrow maze.
One wrong turn and you may hit a dead end.
Most are public access.

We decided not to walk Imerovigli today. We decided to walk the “20 minutes” walk from Imerovigli to Fira via Firostefani

This is from Firostefani.
You can see the big rock on left of picture. The first white is where we stayed. It’s a long walk because it is mazy small walkways.

The previous picture was facing Imerovigli from Firostefani.

So I turned around and the above photo is facing Fira.( the right bunch of white buildings ).

It was way past lunch time and we went into a restaurant which prices, appealed to us.

This was coffee with baileys and one of the best drinks I’ve had.

Mine was lamb leg. It was so soft and meat falling off the bone.

We finally reached Fira.

There was a few cruises in town so the place was more packed.

I was around 3pm and we noticed that we were done with Firostefani and Fira.

We decided to take the 20 minute bus ride to Oia.

Oia is in the other direction pass Imerovigli.
So we walked south from Imerovigli and now we took the bus to go north to Oia via Imerovigli.

Imerovigli to Oia walk is 2 hours 30 minutes and an actual road. Even if there were hiking trails, it would be advanced hiking.
Bus takes Euro 1.80 and only 20 minutes.

Everyone goes to Oia ( said as Eee-yah) to see sunset and hustle to leave after sunset. The buses get packed and only a few buses.

We arrived at Oia.

This is the view from Oia facing Imerovigli. It should be the white bunches on the far far right.It is very far.

We arrived our first spot maybe around 4pm. This is not where most sunset watchers come, but it is a narrow 10 meter stretch and there are already people here.

This is the view that people would get from what I would call Spot A.

Since it was early, we decided to explore Oia a bit.and see the more popular sunset viewpoint at the edge of Oia.

Ss we walked further, this is the Postcards From Heaven set.
It was near here that the aunty would be screaming and shouting, a few hours later, at tourist.

Another post card. This was at the edge of Oia.

To the left, is east where the sun would set

We climbed up a fort-like structure where there were so many people all booking place to see the sunset.
Sunset would be on my left.
Right you can see parts of the wall of the fort.

We walked around further.

And kept on walking.

And walking.

We walked back to the first spot, Spot A.
It was around 5pm and the sun was said to be setting at 630pm. ( Do not trust the time on the clocktower).

So we stood there and waited.

So we waited.

And we waited.

And we waited more.

By now, we can feel the temperature drop very quiickly.
We were wearing t-shirts and this trip to Oia was not planned.

So we were surprised by the sudden cold.

So I figured that’s the most the sun set colors would go.

Both of us was already restless due to the cold so we walked back to the bus stop which was about 5 minutes walk away.
The line was not long but about 80 ppl.

One bus came and then 5 minuntes later, another bus started.
They had 2 buses parked in Oia there to anticipate the high crowds.

I do not think there would be much buses coming from Fira anymore. ( Last few )
It was cold waiting for the bus.

The night winds were strong……and temperatures dropped to around 11-15C ranges, then add the wind chill factor.

We ran to our rooms and changed into jackets and went out for dinner.

This is the view of Imerovigli at night.

Center part is Firostefani and Fira is that small straight line after the small peninsula

This is pork souvlaki.
Basically satay.

The white dip is call Tzatziki, a blend of cucumber and greek yogurt. It is a very good dip.

I ordered a portion of pork gryo…

Gyro is said as ‘jai-row’, hich means circular, which explains everything because it is meat on an upright pole that circles a heat grill.
We had planned to split the activities into two days.

1 day was to rest and go Firostefani and Fira
Day 2 was to laze the entire day and then go see the sunset.
We did it in one day. I guess, our style of travel has indeed changed over the years.

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