Athens, Greece : The Acropolis, Philopappos Hill, Roman Agora, Ancient Agora, Kerameikos. 11 Oct 2017

Knowing that we will leave Athens for Santorini the next day, we had to make full use of this day.

We woke up and at 806am, were at the South Hill entrance. No lines.

_MG_8798 -wp.jpg

Cute dog sitting there.

_MG_8800 -wp.jpg

This view from ground level never ceases to amaze me.

_MG_8807 -wp.jpg

It was a hike up to be honest but we passed by Odeon of Herodus Atticus.

You can hear the echos of the people working down there.

_MG_8821 -wp.jpg

Where is Batman?

_MG_8830 -wp.jpg

This is the back of the gate of the Acropolis. So we came thru and then I took this photo. The front facade is facing the city. This is Propylaea.

_MG_8838 -wp.jpg

The Erectheion.

_MG_8844 -wp.jpg

This is it. The Parthenon.

_MG_8857 -wp.jpg

Restoration works are being performed.

_MG_8955 -wp.jpg

I came all the way to Athens mainly for this.

_MG_8986 -wp.jpg

_MG_9015 -wp.jpg

_MG_9006 -wp.jpg

This is the view from The Acropolis. You can see Mount Lycabettus on the far right.

_MG_8994 -wp.jpg

Do not push me.

_MG_9029 -wp.jpg

The crowds were steadily coming in. Time to make a move.

_MG_9034 -wp.jpg

_MG_9061 -wp.jpg

See the people tricking thru the Propylaea?

You can also spot The Temple Of Athena Nike behind on the left.

_MG_9083 -wp.jpg

This is a better view.

_MG_9093 -wp.jpg

So many people at the front facade of the Propylaea.

_MG_9099 -wp.jpg

_MG_9104 -wp.jpg

_MG_9108 -wp.jpg

_MG_9109 -wp.jpg

Theatre of Dionysus.

Off we went to the other spot, leaving all the tours to fight amongst themselves for nice shots.

We had 2 hours here to ourselves. It was 1011am when we left.

_MG_9115 -wp.jpg

A short walk and we were at Philopappos Hill.

_MG_9122 -wp.jpg

This was where it was alleged to be the prison of Socrates.

_MG_9128 -wp.jpg

Maybe he really sat in there.

_MG_9137 -wp.jpg

Should we hike up? Yes we did. The hike up Philopappos Hill was made.

_MG_9146 -wp.jpg

Philopappos Monument.

_MG_9162 -wp.jpg

Another breathtaking view.

_MG_9167 -wp.jpg

Next stop after coming down Philopappos Hill and walking pass Mars Hill was the Roman Agora.

_MG_9172 -wp.jpg

In we went.

_MG_9174 -wp.jpg

More ruins.

_MG_9177 -wp.jpg

_MG_9181 -wp.jpg

_MG_9189 -wp.jpg

_MG_9190 -wp.jpg

Tower of the Winds.

_MG_9194 -wp.jpg

_MG_9200 -wp.jpg

_MG_9202 -wp.jpg

Okay, that’s it for the Roman Agora.

Next stop was Hadrian’s Library. Imagine this wall stretching left to right. It was sure grand. The white parts are part of conservation efforts.

Time for lunch. A seafood platter was ordered.

On the The Ancient Agora. It was a much larger agora.

The Stoa, pay to enter. We weren’t interested.

Okay, this is not The Parthenon. I am beginning to find the novelty of such buildings, wearing off. Time to make a move.

We found ourselves going to Kerameikos, the ancient graveyard at 3pm.

Part of the old city wall.

You get this at Kerameikos.

We have completed our Athens trip. You may say there are other places in Athens to see. For us, it was to see the main spots and we accomplished more than we set out to do at our speed.

We left at 350pm. We went back to get a nap and later that evening, try Greek Yogurt.

Fresh from the pot.

Tomorrow is an early flight to Santorini. I should get a bit more relaxation in Santorini.




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