Athens, Greece : The Greco-Roman Speed Trip. 10 Oct 2017.

Ticket prices : SGD 640.80 for return tickets to Athens via Scoot on a 787 Dreamliner.

Why not? So we got it.

We topped up for seats 40A and 40C and the total came to about SGD1900 for two people. Just nice as I did not want to be bothered to move for others to go to the restroom or bother others when I needed to go to the restroom.

Singapore Departure. 10 October 2017 @ 2am.

Athens departure. 19 October 2017 @ 11am.

A few months later, they emailed us and said the Thursday flight was cancelled but we can choose a Saturday flight as replacement. 21 October 2017.

Extra days, why not. Then we sat and thought, 12 days in Athens is a lot.

What’s the nearest country we can head to? Italy. So this became a Greco-Roman trip that will see us spend about 1.5 days average in each city over 12 days, lots of train rides and flights.

Here’s Day 1 getting into Athens from Singapore.

_MG_8366 -wp.jpg

Looking down and realizing how small man is.

_MG_8380 -wp-2.jpg

Our route took us over Cairo and the captain announced, ” On your left, the pyramids of Egypt.”

Can you spot it?

From the center of the photo, go in the 11am direction. You will see 2.

Passport stamped. Athens passes bought and into the city we went. It would take 40 minutes to go into Syntagma Square, where we stayed.

_MG_8410 -wp.jpg

_MG_8440 -wp.jpg

Time for a meal. It was around 10am but for us, with our biological clock jetlagging, it was close to tea time. _MG_8422 -wp.jpg

So pita bread._MG_8424 -wp.jpg

A magnificient wrap.

_MG_8430 -wp.jpg

This was the Gyro portion which was fit for two people. We over ordered.

_MG_8426 -wp.jpg


_MG_8438 -wp.jpg

Free sweet cake.

_MG_8456 -wp.jpg

So we decided to explore the city and walked around.

_MG_8481 -wp.jpg_MG_8485 -wp.jpg

Just above Syntagma square, The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier.  The timing was right where they started to have a Change of Guards procession.

_MG_8493 -wp.jpg

Then it was a walk into The National Garden just a hop away.

_MG_8497 -wp.jpg

_MG_8499 -wp.jpg

_MG_8500 -wp.jpg

_MG_8502 -wp.jpg

_MG_8504 -wp.jpg

We found ourselves at Aristotle’s Lyceum.

_MG_8509 -wp.jpg

Then off we went.

_MG_8521 -wp.jpg

The Panathenaic Stadium was next. This was a stadium made entirely of marble. _MG_8531 -wp.jpg

Our walk continues.

_MG_8542 -wp.jpg

We stumbled on this building and it was Zappeion. We curiously went in.

_MG_8548 -wp.jpg

It was peaceful. No wonder there are so many philosophers. So much peace and time to think.

_MG_8630 -wp.jpg

Next stop was Temple of Olympian Zeus where we bought our Euro30 pass that allows skipping ticketing lines at 6 main attractions in Athens. Get this.

_MG_8560 -wp.jpg

This is the remains of The Temple of Olympian Zeus.

_MG_8564 -wp.jpg

_MG_8581 -wp.jpg

Imagine how large this temple is. The scale of it.

_MG_8585 -wp.jpg

_MG_8615 -wp.jpg

_MG_8616 -wp.jpg_MG_8597 -wp.jpg_MG_8623 -wp.jpg_MG_8625 -wp.jpg

Just outside the Temple of Olympian Zeus is Hadrian’s Arch.

_MG_8632 -wp.jpg

Our walk took us to the south side of Acropolis near the South Hill entrance and this is the fringes of Plaka.

_MG_8637 -wp.jpg

_MG_8645 -wp.jpg

You can see the Acropolis towering.

_MG_8651 -wp.jpg

_MG_8660 -wp.jpg

_MG_8663 -wp.jpg

This is the back of Odeon of Herodus Atticus.

We’ll see in tomorrow.

We weren’t going into The Acropolis today.

_MG_8692 -wp.jpg

We climbed Areopagus Hill a.k.a Mars Hill.
This was where Paul preached Christianity to Athenians.

_MG_8688 -wp.jpg

Majestic views here of Athens and The Acropolis.

_MG_8690 -wp.jpg

_MG_8705 -wp.jpg_MG_8713 -wp.jpg

Just watch your steps. It’s marble thru out and slippery.

_MG_8724 -wp.jpg

We wandered the perimeter of The Acropolis and you’ll find alleyways heading down to Monastiraki.

_MG_8725 -wp.jpg

_MG_8727 -wp.jpg

We found ourselves at the Roman Agora. It was closed and it’s a nice view. _MG_8729 -wp.jpg

_MG_8733 -wp.jpg

This is the entrance to The Roman Agora. Beware the scammers with friendship bands saying Hakuna-matata. Just avoid them.

_MG_8748 -wp.jpg

Further down, it is Hadrian’s Library. _MG_8751 -wp.jpg

Monastiraki is a bustling square.

_MG_8758 -wp.jpg

The tourist trap.

_MG_8760 -wp.jpg

At night, we walked Ermou, which was just a road away from Arethusa Hotel, where we stayed.

_MG_8781 -wp.jpg

We went up to the top floor of our hotel and you get this majestic view of The Acropolis.

Tomorrow is another day walking and actually going into most of the places we previewed today.

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