Krabi , Thailand : My father’s birthday. 25 -27 Feb 2017.

I decided to spend a trip with my father. I booked a flight for both of us to spend some time together in Krabi since it was the easiest and nearest.
I was trying to slow down the pace.
Our early Saturday morning flight left Kuala Lumpur around 7am and we arrived into Krabi International Airport an hour’s flight later.

I booked for a hotel pickup to ensure that we did not need to go thru the hassle of finding our own transportation to Ao Nang.
After arriving and putting our bags down, we went for a short walk to the beach and to have some breakfast

Fueled up, we continues walking. The weather was sunny and hot, making the seas and skies a beautiful blue.

We spent the time chatting and just soaking in the atmosphere.

The hot sunny day made it all the more beautiful.

Within a few hours, we went back to the hotel to check into our rooms.

The food was mediocre. Nothing to get excited over.

We had an early dinner as we planned to head into Krabi town for the evening.

I have been to Ao Nang so many times, and I have never been into Krabi town itself.

We did some shopping and explored the area a bit.

They looked so good.

This is a cheap meal. Pick your noodles, then add the curry at the bottom.

The skies started to rumble and it was time for us to head back to Ao Nang.

We did not want to be caught in the rain.

My father was tired so he went to bed. I went out for some a foot massage.

The next morning, Dad wanted to go on a short tour to see some hot springs that he visited many years ago.

So after breakfast, we hopped into a car and they drove us to the Emerald Pool some 1 hour out of Ao Nang.

Even at the entrance, the water was very clear.

Along the 20 minute walk, you will see clear waters.

The pool was packed with people.

Done. Now to the hot spring some 15 minutes drive away.

I was not a fan of getting into the water due to the hot water.

After about an hour, we decided to head back to Ao Nang for dinner at The Crab Company. I get special treatment and discounts here.  🙂

My dad enjoyed the food and he gave his approval.

Thus concludes my Dad’s birthday trip with me in Krabi. He would fly back with me to Singapore to spend a few more days.

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