Kuching, Sarawak : Kek Lapis at Mira Cake House


Another attraction of Kuching is Kek Lapis ( Layer Cake ).

Head over to Mira Cake House, known as one of the popular ones around town. 

If you are from Fort Magherita, walk out the back and head right where you will see an abandoned school.

Go thru the small village there and exit. Mira Cake House is some 100 meters away.

VLOG HERE : https://youtu.be/zkRjGPVUO5I?t=7m28s

Heed the warning on freshness.

Works of art.

You feel like buying all of them.

Testers are available for you to try before buying.

You can also watch how the cakes are packaged.

At RM10 minimum per cake, depending on flavours, this is a must buy.

I will say that the cakes are not very sweet and adequately flavoured.

After that, we headed to the jetty to take the RM1 boat ride across back to Hilton.

Another must experience when you are in Kuching.













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