Kuching, Sarawak : Fort Margherita


Across the Sarawak River in Petra Jaya, situates Fort Margherita, a fort built by Charles Brooke, Rajah of Sarawak.

The fort was named after his beloved wife , Margeret Alice Lili de Windt. Today, it is a museum containing artifacts of the Brooke Dynasty.

VLOG HERE : https://youtu.be/zkRjGPVUO5I?t=4m11s

There are separate prices for Malaysians and non-Malaysians.

Also note the opening hours.

The exhibit is 3 floors large.

This used to be the Sarawak Flag before it was changed to match the Malaysian version.

I need to check my old money collection to see if I have this.

Roof access is available but for those with kids, please watch them as all these outlets are unsecured outlets. There is no safety net or barriers.

You get a great view of the river. Take the sampan over for quicker and easier access.

This tower is for execution. See the empty space underneath it.

Please be respectful as you approach the tower. There is a cloth covering a skull in there. https://youtu.be/zkRjGPVUO5I?t=6m35s.

Do not touch!

All the white, was reflecting all the sun light though it was an overcast day. Bring sunglasses if you suffer from astigmatism like me.

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