Kuching, Sarawak : Arrival 21 Jan 2017



My Vlog is posted here :

The first trip of 2017.

Kuching was chosen due to the cheap air flight, convenient flight times (Friday after work to go and Sunday evening to return) via AirAsia.

Being a Malaysian, I do not spend enough time exploring Malaysia and especially East Malaysia.
This trip will be my 2nd venture into Sarawak with Miri being the first eons ago before my blogging and vlogging days.

Kuching International Airport is a convenient 20 minutes from the city and it is very convenient. Uber access is easy and simple.

  1. People are great! English was spoken more often and comfortably. If in doubt, speak Malay. Mandarin works and Chinese dialects really depends on your luck.
  2. Getting around in Uber is convenient and cheap. If you want to take the taxis, ask for the price before getting on.
  3. Food is affordable and seafood is abundant.
  4. Traffic jams and short and rare especially during the weekends.
  5. Kuching felt safe to me compared to Kuala Lumpur ( my birth city ).

Kuching in Malay means Cat.

You will see many references to the cat throughout the city.

In Kuching city itself, there are numerous sights to see that it will keep you walking and exploring as you soak up the slower pace of this city.

Take a boat ride across the river to explore both sides of the river.

Visit sites that bring back history of Colonial British era.

Not to mention, there are tons of things to eat and seafood is economical.

Let’s go!

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