Barcelona, Spain : Park Güell. 30 Oct 2016

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30 Oct 2016.

9am Barcelona Time.

Day 2 in Barcelona and we decided to go to Park Guell today.

VLOG : Press Play.

It was our first morning in La Rambla. Having endured a noisy night due to party goers in La Rambla, we awoke to a quieter scene.

Things were at a slower pace and though there were less people, there were people.

Many places won’t open until afternoon. 

We were hungry and we decided that it was time to sample some breakfast.

Ahhh, this is the breakfasts that I can grow used to. Orange juice and coffee.

Some strips of ham, eggs and toast.

This is a famous landmark in La Rambla. It was used to mark an old umbrella shop and when the shop closed down, it was removed and that resulted in a uproar.

They reinstalled it.

After a metro ride and a walk up a stepp hill that reminded me of San Francisco, we arrived at the far side of Parc Guell. As you can see, lots of people.

This is the highest point of Parc Guell.

It offers stunning view around.

At the top of that hill is Tibidabo. It was part of our plans to head there but it was a long trip there and took an hour. We decided later, to skip it.

Facing Parc Guell.

So, as we would learn, contrary to our Paris trip, everything in Barcelona, require advance tickets and tickets are usually sold out. You cannot arrive on the spot to buy tickets. 

You have to buy tickets the day before at least or online. 

Unable to buy tickets, we did what most people would do, visit the free attractions and try to steal views of the paid areas.

One thing I like about Gaudi’s work is the curves and colors he uses. He minimizes straight lines and sharp corners and everything, flows.

The popular terraces and viaducts of Parc Guell.

It was literally a stroll in the park.

My colleague, Gowri ( left ), decided to join Annie and I today.

Free water. This is cold and refreshing. I love how free water is available in the Europeans countries I’ve been to so far. ( Paris , Barcelona )

After strolling around in the park, we down to see the main entrance of Parc Guell.

Stealing a peek/photo via the gates.

There’s a lizard that is an icon of Parc Guell on those steps. It’s the brown mosaic in the center.

The entrance was filled with people just standing around and I am sure everyone DID NOT have a ticket.

Time to head back to the metro and go see other parts of Barcelona.

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