Korea 2016 : Ice fishing in Hwacheon


We have a long day.

Early morning and we got some coffee and breakfast in. It would be a 2-3 hour travel time to get to Hwacheon for the ice fishing festival.

After an hour plus riding on the highways towards the outskrits of Seoul, we arrived in Hwacheon.

Aptly decorated streets where ice fishing takes place every winter.

There were so many people.

It was clear slies over the frozen river.

But before that, army stew!

There is a place for foreigners. This was specialyl so that we could have our own place.

You really cannot just look and hope. You got to bait and hope to hook.

We caught a few. Each person is allowed to hook only 3 fishes.

We then take them to the shops where they are grilled for us.

There are various grill contraptions.

You hand them your fish, they give the equal amount back to you. You do not eat the fish you catch.

Fresh and tasty.


























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