Seoul, Korea 2016 : I Want To See Snow!

And she said : I Want To See Snow!

We booked tickets and though it was not a guarantee, we headed to Seoul for winter.

This was the second time in Seoul and as the flight flew in, we saw the outskirts of Korea covered in snow. None in Seoul though. It was a homecoming. We knew the system, we knew the trains, we knew what to do.

Staying with Hostel Beige again but this time it was at their newer apartment, we setled in and though there was no snow, we were glad to be back in Seoul.

On the morning of 26 Jan 2016, I had a feeling something was different and I peered out the window and behold, snowflakes.

Out we went!

It was snow and a rare one. It would be the only day snow would fall.

It did make things slushy and messy.

Time to get some hot food in. Breakfast time.

We headed to the usual market and sat at the same store.

Oily, fried carbs!

This one is known to be addictive.

I wanted to try this but was quite worried about it. Maybe next time.

I had to eat these again.

Persimmons were on sale all over the city and out of curiosity, I bought some.

Very sweet and had a nice texture.

Our walk around Dondaemun continues.

So many familiar scenes.

More food for lunch.

After lunch, we decided to walk up to Buchon Hanok Village again.

Always an icon of this city : Namsan Tower

It was time to meet my friend who was on honeymoon in Korea.

Korean beef was good. The flavors and textures were richer though the staff at the store did ruin the experience.

We then went snacking around Myeondong.

The both of us branched off for the evening.

Good night.












































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