Krabi 2.0 : Crab Company for Lunch and Dinner, Ao Nang


4 Oct 2015

3:43 PM GMT +7

This is getting serial.

After a lazy morning with breakfast at the hotel not really worth shouting about, it was time for a late lunch.

Let’s go for a walk.

Transportation is pretty easy along Ao Nang.

The costs are pretty much fixed, give or take a bit. Not much haggling in my opinion for a short ride. Haggle if you want to go far but prices are very competitive and reasonable.

There are lots of good deals along the road side. If you forgot something, buy them here.

After some 15 minutes of strolling around enjoying the afternoon, time to head for lunch.

This post will capture the morning decor of The Crab Company.

Simple and quaint.

Pick your seafood from the blue boat there.

They revamped the menu from the first time we were here in August.

As usual, my favourite.

The steam crab meat was very close to the fish amok from Cambodia.

Very fresh with hints of coconut and spices.

Curry with an egglike texture. Very good with rice.

Pad Thai time and this one takes another accolade in my high standards of taste.

The noodles are springy tangy. The sauce is slightly sweet and does well without overpowering the entire dish.

On came the Lobster Cheese.

The cheese overpowered the lobster to be honest. Perhaps not my style but good nonetheless. The lobster was fresh as usual.

Looks like macaroni and cheese.

This lobster was very rich.

Great stuff again.

We would actually return here for dinner a few hours later. The above is an old receipt.

The staff would ask me to stay as being the first customer of the day, they have been working non-stop with many patrons coming in after us.

Perhaps I was their lucky charm.





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