Krabi 2.0 : The Crab Company, Ao Nang


3 Oct 2015

8:06 PM GMT +7

Here we go again. Back at seafood street, we scoured the row of seafood joints and the lobster count was quite low.

Nevertheless, we ended up at Crab Company again. Sometimes, when you are less adventurous, head back to the tried and tested formula.

The last lobster, pineapple fried rice and oysters ordered!

As I have said many times, I do not like oysters but the exception is made when in Krabi and Phuket. The fresh smooth taste of the oysters here just makes me uncharacteristically wonder if I should order more.

Squeeze some lemon, add on the sauce and some fried spring onions and you can just eat these non stop. At 40baht each, you cannot go wrong.

The lobster arrived and I must commend The Crab Factory for their food decor. They do an awesome job at visually presenting the food.

This makes it a feast for the eyes before it becomes a feast for your taste buds.

Ordered today was grilled lobster with garlic and butter.

Just wow. The main sauce made from lemon juice, butter and garlic will give you a fantastic explosion of flavour. Your senses will question what and how can something taste so good.

Dip the lobster in and you should automatically nod in agreement with your mouth full that this is something really good. The unique flavour of melted butter springing a zesty citric kick accompanied by the light garlic aroma engulfs the fresh lobster in a harmony that only begs for this dish to never end.

As if I could not be surprised further, the pineapple fried rice! I ask myself how again. With a smile on my face, the senses agree.

The Crab Company’s pineapple fried rice is probably one of the best that I have eaten in my life.

The first spoonful of pineapple rice entered my mouth and in a 1-2-3 count, the delayed rush of pineapple flavour got me all smiles. This is the new king of pineapple fried rice for me.

For some reason, on this dish, I would drop the cashew nuts. The cashew nuts just rob the dish of the star flavour which is the pineapple.

Anything coconut is great in Thailand and the coconut shakes here are one of the best. Tied for king of coconut shakes in my heart, I wish I could have one every 30 minutes.

A dehydrating day calls for one more pure coconut juice and some desserts.

The only thing missing was some Malibu rum in my coconut sorbet but there is always tomorrow.

Good news is that they will open at 2pm tomorrow and this gives me a chance at naturally lighting the gastronomical marvels at The Crab Factory. But then again, any excuse to come back will be used.

I cannot get enough of The Crab Company.

As the night grew deeper and as we sat by the sea, hearing lounge music stream via the Internet accompanied by the metronomic sound of the waves carresing the beach of Ao Nang, I could not but smile on contentment.After all the hard work of the past quarter, this is some soul healing, good food, good sights, good sounds and at an affordable price equals a wonderful package.

Using an old receipt.

For further info, go here


2 thoughts on “Krabi 2.0 : The Crab Company, Ao Nang

  1. awesome! thanks for your sharing!

    may I ask which is better between The Crab Company and Crab Factory?

    cause both of them look so nice in your post!! QQ

    • Hi Jack,

      I think it is my mistake. Crab Company. There is no Crab Factory. I am editing my post. Sorry for the confusion.

      Go to the Crab Company and look for Soo. Tell her you read about the place from my blog. I am known as The Blogger there. Was there on opening day.


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