Krabi 2.0 : Blue Marine, Ao Nang


Oct 3, 2015
Sat, 1:52 PM GMT+7

We found ourselves on the shores of Ao Nang again.

It was just 2 months ago that we were here but the allure and beach life pace of Ao Nang was attractive enough for a revisit.

Having arrived in the morning and being allowed to eat breakfast as a frequent guest, Blue Marine was picked again to continue the gastronomical adventure.

Coconut Shake THB60

There is something about Blue Marine that I enjoy. It is the tasty yet affordable food, nice lounge music streaming while you have a nice view of the road for people watching.

A staple in all my Thai travels is coconut shake. This is a must.

Crab Meat Omelette THB 100

The crab omelette has hints of crab flavour. You cannot go wrong with omelettes.

Green Curry Chicken THB 140

The green curry was very good. This is not spicy and it is a pleasure to chow down with white rice.

Shrimps in Lemon Sauce THB100

Shrimps with a Thai twist. Lemon juice brings the zest to this dish. The shrimps were a bit small and most were not de-veined. That aside, this was nice.

I am getting hungry just looking at this photo.

I realize that in Ao Nang, I take my time and just soak in the slower pace.

Map here.

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