Krabi : The Crab Company, Ao Nang


Aug 8
Sat, 9:32 PM UTC +7

Back from island hopping and yes, there was food served on the tour, it was functional food. So time for some real food.

A quick tuk-tuk ride to Seafood street eliminated the 15 minute walk.

We chanced upon The Crab Company, a newly opened restaurant.

Just yesterday, they were still setting the place up. This was their soft-opening.

Because of the soft opening, I knew the seafood was fresh.

I felt like a sailor.

The beach was just below the balcony.

Watermelon shake and this was so sweat and good.

I ordered the tomyam kung. THB290.

There was a large tiger prawn in there.

I do not eat oysters but I guess, oyster from Thailand, I eat.

Eat oyster costs THB 100. Eat away.

My lobster arrived. The chef had recommended grilled lobster and boy was it fresh.

Very fresh. The right way sweetness.
This was better than yesterday’s meal as yesterday’s lobster actually tasted like the fish tank water.

For THB1750, this was worth every cent.

They were so new that their cash register did not work. So it was the manual receipt and from the old establishment too.

Finger licking food. I love Thai food.

For further info, go here.


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