Krabi : Poda Island, Chicken Island, Tup Island and Railay Beach


Aug 8
Sat, 3:06 PM UTC +7

After an hour massage, the day was close to noon and I was looking for a 4 hour tour known as a half day tour. Apparently, the tours that start after mid day are known as half-day tours. So expect to get a pick up at around 1pm and be away till 8pm or 9pm.

With little to do and an interest to island hop even with the challenging seas and overcast skies, I decided it was something worth doing anyways.

7 island tours but this will be greatly reduced as the day goes by due to ‘weather’ and timing.

The part I hate about island hopping is the 2 hours wasted waiting for the other tourist to arrive and the customary briefing of the itinerary.

It was a 30 minute boat ride from the pier to the first location known as Poda Island at 3pm. One of the tourist was nauseous and threw up , thankfully upon arrival at Poda Island. I could not imagine had she thrown up during the journey.

I was my usual being the 4th time on an island hop tour and having my sea legs developed with years on fishing boats with my dad in rivers, had no problems and in fact, enjoyed the rocking and waving of the boat.

Approaching Poda Island.

Stopping for an hour where everyone chose to frolic and some recovering from the sea sickness.

I walked the beach and took some photos.

It was a quite beach to be honest. Probably due to the low season.

Next up was Chicken Island, just a pass by.

Chicken head shaped limestone formation.

Lastly was Tup Island which is a unique island where you can embrace the sea on both sides. If the tide is low, you can walk to the sister island.

From the wide boat, we had to change to a long-tail boat due to the shallow waters. This was a transfer done in rough seas and would have violated a lot of safety regulations but who cares. Watch your step.

You can see people standing in the middle of the sand bar. On your left, sea. On your right, sea.

The sun was setting and the sunlight did boost the colors of the sea.

As you can see, many are walking back and forth between the two islands.

This was probably the most beautiful island of the entire tour.

Fun in the sun.

After this, was another nerve jangling transfer to the wide boat and off to Railay Beach for the free dinner.

The food is functional but tasted good given that it was free.

By nightfall, the tour guide took some buckets of water from Railay beach and poured it on the deck. In my lifetime, this is the first time I see bio-luminescence phyto-plankton.

During peak season, they will take you to a bay where you can then swim and have the plankton light up but due to the rains, it was not possible.

It was not possible to take photos or videos of the phyto-plankton as we were asked to turn off all lights to see them.

Sure enough, by the time we were back at the hotel, it was 930pm. Time for a real dinner.

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