Krabi : Longtail Boat Bar and Restaurant, Ao Nang


Aug 7, 2015
Fri, 5:12 PM UTC +7
Dinner time but what to eat? I want to eat lobsters but with many shops having frozen lobsters, I turned away.

Walking further towards Seafood Street in search for fresh seafood, enter LongTail Boat Bar and Restaurant.

It was early and whilst others ignored us, I spotted fresh lobster in the aquarium!

I feel a lot of these signs are duplicated across Krabi but this one, I have seen on TripAdvisor.

Grab a seat overlooking the beach.

There were a few lobsters in the tank. Most lobsters are around 500 grams. At THB350 per 100 grams, it was going to be costly lobsters in Thailand.

I love coconut shake and it is pure refreshing.

It was raining the entire day but we got the evening sun coming out between the clouds.

What a way to relax!!

This is probably the nicest shot of Ao Nang Beach.

.The lobster was grilled.

The lobster was chewy and fresh but there was a flaw. For some reason, the flavor of the water tank was infused into the meat. I did not taste the freshness from the sea nor the sweet aroma of lobster.

Thai style lime squid.

You get a flavor very local. For some reason, the Thais do an awesome job of making condiments, dips and sauces to accompany their food.

The pineapple fried rice was good. Prawns and pineapples fill this rice. Do not be fooled by the spate, this is actually a plowl. There is a bowl section at the center making more room for rice.

Tom Yam Khai is lovely. Just order white rice and this and you will be set to go. Honest!

The entire meal came up to THB2300.

We saw the dark clouds coming in and halfway walking back, it poured. Oh well, let’s walk back in the rain.

Love it.

GPS : 8.0344267,98.819


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