Hong Kong : Butterfly on Victoria


Jul 9
Thu, 3:20 PM UTC +8


Typhoon Linfa has been wrecking havoc to travel plans in the region.There were many flights cancelled and there was a certain rush around Hong Kong Airport.

I took a look at the flight back to Kuala Lumpur and it was still stated as scheduled at 2pm. Time for some coffee. Come 3pm and I saw the flight to Kota Kinabalu stated as cancelled. And so too the flight back to Kuala Lumpur.


No biggy as I had travel insurance and all is covered. We stood in line waiting for the discrepancy report that was needed. This document is a document that states the reason of flight delay/cancellation and this will allow us to claim against our travel insurance.

We were booked on the next flight out tomorrow at 5pm. Not bad. This gave us another day. More food for me!

After the 45 minute wait in the queue, I got my discrepancy report and I was on Agoda, booking our hotel stay.

Butterfly on Victoria has rooms available and with travel insurance covering it, book it NOW.

In 30 minutes, we were heading back into Hong Kong via the Express train.

When we arrived at Tin Hau, the hotel staff saw shocked to see that the booking was made only an hour ago.

Check in was simple and the room was simple and nice. I would rate Butterfly above Ibis Northpoint.

Still cramped but adequate for Hong Kong.

The touch of providing unlimited calls and data via their smartphone was something of a plus and I would stay here more often since data is provided.

Time for a quick dinner.

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