Hong Kong : Victoria Peak


Jul 7
Tue, 5:06 PM UTC +8

The trip to Victoria Peak starts at the base on Central From the East side of Central, head to the start of The Peak Tram.

Expect long queues here as this is a must do in Hong Kong. To be honest, this will be my first time using the tram.

Waiting in queue can be long and with everyone compacted in, expect to sweat.

Do be careful when the tram arrives, especially children under your care.

I actually saw a kid jump on the tracks when the tram was coming into the station, to save a water bottle, oblivious to the mother who was busy taking photos of the tram! ( roll eyes ).

Here is a tip. Get a seat on the right side of the tram if you are heading up and vice versa when you are on the way down.

You get the seat with the views.

As the tram heads up, there are some portions where the tram is at a 45 degree angle! if you are standing, you will feel it. Steady your footing.

The ride takes 7 minutes.

Once you are out, you may opt to continue going up to the viewing point, or head to the mall ( which does have a free view from Victoria Peak )

This trip, I was going up to the viewing deck since it was part of the Tram package.

Time your ascent from the base of Central around 530pm and this will give you ample time to head to the top, walk around and head to the viewing desk. Please note that there will be a lot of people.

There isn’t much places to seat at the top and on top of that, the benches are usually taken. You are not allowed to sit on the floor.

The view at the top is magnificent. Snap your pictures here. As dusk settled into night, most of the crows will slowly disperse. Just be mindful the very long queues into the tram.

We saw that queue marking 1 hour from this point and decided to go and have dinner and some food before joining a hopefully much shorter queue.


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