Hong Kong : Yung Kee Restaurant


Jul 4
Sat, 6:36 PM UTC +8

When in Central and if you have not tried eating here and if you can afford the heavyweight prices for a good quality roast goose, come to Yung Kee. It is a short walk from Central station.

I had only decided to eat at this place because my favorite Loong Kee has not been opened for this past few days.

I dined in 2012 here and also on my last visit in 2014 saw me served a small bowl of rice and probably 3 slices of goose.

I was not too keen.

2015 and I decided to go big. Let’s order half a goose and some honey char siew. There here 3 of us so there was surely going to be enough people to eat.

Century eggs and ginger made this meal a bit like Fear Factor. I do not know but this is easy for us Asians. Lovely nonetheless.

The roast goose was very good. Paying extra for the drumstick portion was a no brainer. You are paying a premium for it, a bit more won’t cushion the damage by much.

The char siew arrived and this had the roast flavor in the meat. It is not easy to incorporate the flavors into the meat and this one is an exception.

Juicy meats and good food. You can taste the roast and barbecue in the meat.

Fresh cooked vegetables.

The only setback was the price. If you are looking for a wallet friendly place, give this establishment a pass especially if you have eaten here before.

Total for this meal was HKD 808.50 for three people. The Roast Goose was HKD260.

32-40 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

*Loong Kee apparently moved from Gage Street to Queen Victoria Street as we found out a few days later.

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