Hong Kong : Tsim Chai Kee


Jul 4
Sat, 1:38 PM UTC +8

Lugging luggage around Central was not fun.

We had just landed and as we all know, the humidity of summer in Hong Kong was fantastic. So much so that I was sweating as if I had been cycling at top pace for 10 minutes.

Stumbling around and discovering that Loong Kee was not opened, I headed down one street away to Tsim Chai Kee noodles.

There was a Michelin guide hung but it seems like everyone has one nowadays.

How are the noodles?


The soup was very rich. The noodles fresh and tangy.

The prawn dumplings were fresh and chewy.

The beef was sweet and tender.

A good bowl of noodles. And one which I would rate above Mak Noodles.

Located at :
98 Wellington St
Hong Kong

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