Cambodia : Ta Prohm Temple, Tonle Bati


May 3
Sun, 11:54 AM UTC +7

About an hour out from Phnom Penh by car, stumble on some temples that were built in the times of Angkor Wat.

Be careful with the small kids who will come and pester you non-stop to buy flowers for prayers or to give them a tour guide donation.

They aren’t nasty to the point where they steal things off you ( not during my experience ) but you may want to be careful.

They are persistent and will tail you the entire time.

Turn a corner and you will have some elderly join in on the professional begging.

Most of the wats now house a Buddha statue.

You can see quality in the artisan works. So much detail.

I took a quick walk thru the beautiful wat.

Looking from a far. My taxi driver said : No need to go Angkor Wat.

We laughed and continued on.

I did give USD1 to the girl who was bringing me around and though it was not much, it was the world to her.


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