Cambodia : Chisor Mountain Temple, Phnom Penh

May 3
Sun, 12:51 PM UTC +7

The day before, I had asked Pos, our taxi driver how many steps to the top?

He replied 200.

I thought : Not too bad.

Apparently it was wrong information. There are some 400 steps up to the top.

On crutches, it was going to be a mental battle for me.

It was getting very hot and I had to lug myself on crutches up and not to mention, later on the way down.

Bring some cold water and sun block and a towel.

Make a pitstop here.

Looking back down.

Each step was a challenge and I was telling myself that this view better be worth it.

Once at the top, you have to pay a tourist fee at the stalls. Make sure you take the receipt and a receipt for each person. They like to issue a single receipt saying it is for 2-3 people. No!

Walk down to the main wat. Yes, there still is a 100 meter walk down to the main wat.

We took our photographs and I was already very happy with the results.

I was busy taking photos of this very lonely and quiet temple.

In the coming years, a lot of this will start to crumble.

Time is slowly eating into the stones.

Pos brought us up to the wat facing the valley and that was where I would justify this climb. Just past the red flag, you will know why.

The view from the top was breathtaking.

Overlooking the valley, you feel like you are on top of the world.

It is no wonder the temple was built here, away from the city distractions and plenty of peace for quiet meditation and reflection.

A window to the world. Makes you feel really small in the grandeur of this beautiful planet.

We sat there sharing culture between Pos. He was quite interested with Malaysia and especially how much we eat.

We sat some 30 minutes here, talking and also enjoying the view.

Back down at the main temple compound.

Time to leave. Was it worth it? YES. But going down holding the hot iron hand rails will be a painful experience.

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