Cambodia : Russian Market, Phnom Penh


May 2
Sat, 10:28 AM UTC +7

The Russian Market is the place to go when looking for cheap bargains. From silk to tailoring services to fish and fruits.

It is also very stuffy and hot. Bring a portable fan if you have one!

Known to locals as Psah Toul Tom Poung, Russian market got is name due to the the it being popular for Russian expats in the 1980s.

Covered by zinc roofs, this is not a cool place to hang out. It is hot and stuffy.

As I entered the market, narrow pathways separate stalls selling their wares from towels to souvenirs. They are all mostly arranged in an orderly manner with sections for dresses, sections for souvenirs, sections for cloth and so forth.

The food section seemed packed with locals having breakfast.

We stopped for coffee and it is good coffee.


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