Cambodia : Dinner at Anik Hotel, Phnom Penh

2015-05-02 20.03.33-press

May 2
Sat, 8:03 PM UTC +7

Photos taken using Sony Xperia Z2.

I did not expect a lack of cash on our trip to Phnom Penh. The city is a cash only city and small change to USD1 is preferred.

I had trouble with the largest denominations.

We decided to have dinner in the hotel to try out the cuisine and it was a marvelous decision.

Firstly, it solved the problem of cash flow as it was billed to the room and we can pay by credit card when we leave.

This is beef loc lac. Rich in pepper sauce.

This was a great beef dish. The meat was tender and juicy.

I had to try the Angkor beer. Very smooth.

This was stir fried soft shell crab in kampot pepper.

Special spicy fish. This was fresh fish. No fishy smell. I do not eat fish but in Phnom Penh, I will eat fish.

The sauce consisted of peanut and pepper.

This was probably the best fish amok we have tasted on this trip.  The coconut infused so well into the fresh fish meats that you can just eat this with rice.

The food in the hotel was awesome and affordable. Prices compared to outside restaurants were similar and all in the comfort of your own hotel.

The food was great. Here is what was ordered. No regrets. No need to head out. Just eat, sign and head back up to the room.

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