Cambodia : Central Market, Phnom Penh

_MG_5374-press (1)May 2

Sat, 12:57 PM UTC +7

After Wat Phnom, Pos drove us to the Central Market. To be honest ,if you are not going to buy stuff, do not spend much time here.

The Russian Market in my opinion has more interesting things and after that, Central Market just feels more commercialized and larger.

Lots of bling bling though.

Coconuts for USD1.


Hordes of tourist here and you make your rounds here.

The usual market stuff. Things and I have no interest in buying. Only looking. I would spend about 20-30 minutes here if you are the same type of traveler as us.

If you are quick, cover this place in 20 minutes. We told the taxi to come back in an hour’s time and this was a regret.


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