Cambodia : Friend’s Restaurant, Phnom Penh


May 1, 2015
Fri, 1:30 PM UTC +7

Some 15 minutes from Anik was a shop that was frequented by many tourists. This establishment hires street children and give them the skills and job required to keep them off the streets. We were out of ideas on what to eat so a quick Google brought up this and it was worth a try and we do want to support the community work they do.

This is a colorful decorated restaurant.

The food here is fusion and not Khmer completely.

When travelling, experiment.

The favorite dish here was the fish in coconut sauce. Fresh fish and light coconut sauce to go.

Khmer Spiced Fish Filet wrapped in Banana Leaf. (USD4.50)

My love affair with Phnom Penh fish started with this dish. Fresh fish that did not taste of mud and a light coconut sauce.

The spices just envelopes this dish perfectly and there is no better fish to eat in Cambodia.

This is slightly like Fish Amok but with a twist.

Sandan’s Grilled Fish Filet with Green Mando and Red Onion Salad ( USD4.50 )

Water is served free.

Battambong Pink Pomelo and Mint Freeze ( USD 3 )

This one is a perfect remedy for the hot and humid days in Phnom Penh.

Sauteed Baby Squid with Kampot Green Peppercorn and Rice Wine ( USD 4.75 )

This was a dish that had a Chinese touch. The discovery of peppercorn was quite surprising. Once you bite into it, the release of pepper flavors brings out the flavor in almost everything you eat it with. We were to discover that peppercorn is something used often.

Coconut Scented Red Sticky Rice with Mango ( USD 3.50 )

The mango black rice was on the sweater side. I would skip this in the future.

Time to head back to Anik for some pool time.

For further information on Friend’s work in Phnom Penh, visit

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