Cambodia : Dinner at Garuda Khmer Restaurant, Phnom Penh


May 1, 2015
Fri, 6:51 PM UTC +7

I was debating if I was able to make the 1.8k hop but at the end of it, was talked into taking the tuk tuk from the hotel.

Boy was I glad.  It was actually quite a long walk.

Arriving at the restaurant, we made out orders.

The waitress was quite surprised by amount ordered. Malaysians do eat a lot.

Crabs were not in season so we ordered some prawns and they were very fresh.

This was the first authentic Khmer Fish Amok and this was awesome. The slices of fresh fish mixes with spices and wrapped in a bowl made of banana leaf is an awesome dish to chow down with white rice.

Next was vegetable soup. This one close to Malaysian Chinese pickled vegetable soup.

The highlight of the meal was the stuffed pig hand. Minced pork stuffed pork hand.

I must say that Cambodian food is not salty and tastes just good enough. If you want more salt, ask.

The coconuts came after a while and it was huge. There was enough juice for two in one coconut.

This entire meal costs USD46. Not too bad a deal. Each dish averaged about USD10.

A slow day had passed and it was time to head back to the hotel for some relaxation and rest.

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