Macau : Macau Tower


Apr 12
Sun, 5:38 PM UTC +8

One of the highest points in Macau and home to one of one of the longest bungee jumps in the world, The Macau Tower will see me continue the tradition of visiting towers whenever they are present on my travels.

The elevator ride brings up quickly up to the viewing desk where you can enjoy the evening as the city starts lighting up.

Look down and embrace your fear of heights.

It was cold up here.

The observation desk is actually not open air for photographers. It is open air in the sense where there are openings on the glass window.

If you were bungee jumping, you will be sitting here awaiting your turn. Do not worry, there is another seat outside for the jumper.

I had contemplated a bungee jump but my physical condition did not allow for it.

Plan your trip to go up close to sunset. If you are lucky, and weather permitting,you will be treated to a colourful sunset.

We spent about an hour up here and it was time to head down for dinner.

It costs HKD 135 to head up. ** MOP 135 too.

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