Macau : Ruins of St. Paul’s


Each labored step thru the slight inclined mosaic pavements of Senado brought us closer to St Paul. Flanked on each side were shops attracting people with samples and snacks.

Thru the crowd, I peered up and saw the majestic facade of St Paul.

The place was packed with tourist, mainly from China, taking photos and jostling for the best spot.

I needed some coffee and headed into a Starbucks.

As we ordered coffee in Cantonese, the pitter patter of rain started. The rain was more Seattle-like and was a joy to walk in for short periods. More people started heading into the Starbucks for shelter and coffee.

Wifi is free for 30 minutes and the password is given to you on the receipt of your coffee. No freeloading.

After 30 minutes, the rain let off a bit and we climbed the steps of St Paul I’m awe at its majestic art.

The cathedral has burnt down years ago and only the front remains.

If you head in, you will see some supporting beams holding it erect.

There wasn’t much and it was time to get some lunch.

We would return later in the day for some night shots.

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