Singapore : Victor’s Kitchen Dim Sum

2015-03-05 13.33.17-press

It isn’t easy to locate good quality dim sum in Singapore. Edward, my colleague at F5, brought me to Sunshine Plaza to try one of his recommendations.

What arrived was one gastronomical delight.

Edward took the ordering task and we ordered 7 dishes to try.

Let me review them one by one.

Appetizer was egg tart.

Good stuff. The crust was firm and does not crumble upon sinking your teeth thru it. The egg pastry was aromatic and had a very good texture.

Firstly, the cheong fun. Soft and smooth with a delightful soy sauce, this combo of rice roll and barbecued pork is the perfect start.

The next dish was also cheong fun but fried. This is something I have not seen before and probably never seen even in Malaysian dim sum places. The cheong fun is fried lightly giving it a crispy texture on the outside. At first taste, you would think it is fried carrot cake but then the cheong fun flavor and texture is constant.  Very nice with the same special soy sauce.

Siew mai was normal and when I say normal, it means it is of quality. There is nothing to expect and siew mai is either good or a fail. This one was good, hence the normal rating.

The soup dumpling was fresh and you must take great care to not tear the soft skin and spilling the soup inside. For one as chopstick-challenged as myself, extra care is needed. Once this hits your mouth, a burst of soup and steamed pork will engulf your palette. The only warning is that you need to prepare for the heat. Timing is everything and if you eat it too soon, you scald your tongue and mouth. Too late and you end up having lukewarm and cold soup.

Next is the har gao : shrimp dumpling. The shrimp inside is very fresh and sweet. Quality dim sum will mean that you get chewy and spongy prawn with a strong aromatic flavor.

Lastly, the dessert which is the pau with salted egg and custard. Edward says this is awesome and I am in agreement. Be careful as it is so packed that it is called lava salted egg custard bun. The contents will spill. Victor’s Kitchen found the perfect balance of salty and sweet in this wonderful bun. I had to take two and this is one dish I keep thinking about.

Victor’s Kitchen is slightly on the more expensive side with each dish averaging SGD5 and above. However, you are paying for quality and I would say it matches or even beats Tim Ho Wan at Aperia Mall.

Expect long queues during lunch hour. We were quite lucky to find ample space and no queue during this lunch hour. Perhaps with the recent Chap Goh Meh festival being last night, many may still be on leave.

Highly recommended.

91 Bencoolen Street
Sunshine Plaza, #01-49
Singapore 189652
T: 98382851

The nearest MRT station is Bras Basah on the Circle Line.

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