Singapore : Lime at ParkRoyal on Pickering


Valentine’s day and it was time to feast at Lime’s brunch buffet.

We got our seats at the bar style seating area. We do not care.

If you’ve made reservations, you may be seated here.

Time to hit the food.

Food style here is Asian-Chinese with Peranakan fusion.

Do enjoy the shellfish.

For the oyster crazed people, go devour.

Salmon seems to be a staple for every buffet and the quality here is very good.

Fresh tuna is available too.

I would skip these but thought they make a colorful photograph.

Lamb chops.

Roasted duck was not too bad though a bit dry.

Char siew is always available.

The smoked salmon was a bit too salty for me. Perhaps you needed to eat with salad.


Spring Onion Beef. This was very tender.

One of the stars if the shrimp cooked in butter.

Lobsters were also a common target but lines forming.

This was the buttered prawns I was telling you about. Delicious and juicy. All de-shelled for easy eating.

Do not skip this angel hair pasta with clams and saffron nage. This was almost missed as we were getting too full but we chowed this down and this is supreme!

Durian pengat, adequate but watch it if you are going to burp.

It was Chinese New Year and the chocolate fondue brought some orange essence.

There are also lots of cheesecakes to choose from.

I love the finger sized desserts. You can eat so many types and still have space for more.

Bread pudding.

If you must, grab some peranakan kueh.

This is a raspberry cheese dessert.

A very refreshing longan jelly dessert.

Grab a few of these puffs and dip them in the orange chocolate fondue.

This is a Chinese dessert of fried nian gao, year paste if directly translated. This is a sweet caramelized sugar mixed with flour. They are served during Chinese New Year to allow the gods to eat them and with the sticky texture, they are unable to report on our behaviors over the past year.

End with some coffee.

At the end of the meal, I was stuffed and happy. This is a very good buffet if you are in search for Chinese cuisine in Singapore. Dinners are more expensive.

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