India : Swati Snacks, Mumbai


01/17/15, 11:41 AM UTC+5:30

No visit to South Mumbai will be complete if you do not stop by Swati Snacks.

This time, we took a taxi from Mani Bhavan to Swati Snacks.

I was told that many Bollywood stars will stop by here to get their snacks.

A few friends of mine actually came here a few days back and the queue was extremely long.

Nirmala timed our tour to coincide with it being a quieter pre-lunch crowd.

There were plenty of seats and she ordered some food.

This is Phav Baji. Lentils and potatoes mashed and eaten with butter toasted bread.

The pav was awesome. The bread is lightly warmed and the crust carries a thin layer of sugared butter. Some butter is melted inside and the combination is a very yummy treat.

The best lassi I have taken. No need for mango or any other fruit. Just plain and it is lightly sweetened and with just the right acidity that it is is slightly sour.

Time for some Pani Puri. It is a hollow fried crisp made from floor. You add potatoes and lentils into the crisp and eat away. Watch the video below as Nirmala shows us how to eat this.

Dahi batata puri consists of the same fried hollow crisps but yoghurt is poured on top of it. Very very filling if you eat this all due to the carbo.

Pav vada consist of the same bread but stuffed with potatoes and lentils to make a wholesome sandwich.

Looks like there is a vade in there.

swati bom menu 0814 1

swati bom menu 0814 2


I enjoyed my meal at Swati Snacks. It is no wonder many people flock this store to eat and Bollywood stars come to pack their snacks here. Prices are reasonable for middle class standards and I have been told the food here is clean so less risk of the stomach flu. Must eat!

Karai Estate, Opp Bhatia Hospital, Tardeo Road, Mumbai 400007

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