India : Mumbai Local’s walk


01/17/15, 10:14 AM UTC+5:30

After a short time at The Gateway of India, we started walking around the British Heritage District.

Walking from the Gateway of India, you will see a lot of British Heritage buildings.

Dhanraj Mahal is a Paris designed building built in the 1930’s.

It is currently one of the costliest residential and commercial properties in Mumbai.

Above is the Prince of Wales Museum that was renamed Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (CSMVS).

This is the main museum in Mumbai and houses some 50,000 exhibits.

The headquarters of the Mumbai Police since 1982, this building used to be The Royal Aldfred Sailors Home.

Everyone is rushing somewhere around this roundabout known as Regal Circle.

Some children aged 3 years old are preparing to visit the museum.

As we made our way down the road, we saw Elphinstone College, an affiliation to the Mumbai University.

Across was David Sassoon Library, the brainchild of Albert Sassoon, son of Baghdadi Jew, David Sassoon who originally made his fortunes in the trade business.

The library was built in the center of Bombay and is the perfect place to read when you are in Mumbai.

We did not venture in but it was quiet and cozy.

In to A D’Mello road and we saw  Watson’s Hotel. This hotel was one of ‘THE’ hotels of Bombay.

Due to their No Colored People policy, Tata was ridiculed and refused entry even though he was an invited guest.

Today, it is written off by the city council as a dangerous building due to it being being unsafe. The building can be seen as derelict and about to fall apart.

However, the rent here is very cheap and I was told by Nirmala that there are many lawyers in the building. The location is prime due to the close proximity with The High Court.

They are literally waiting for it to collapse and the city council had washed their hands and stated they will not be responsible since no one is heeding the warning.

I believe the middle banner is the general warning about the safety of this building. It is a hazard waiting to happen.

This once magnificent building built in 1863 , is now running down its final days.

This is Fort campus of The University of Mumbai. This houses teachers and faculty members.

The Rajabai Clock Tower stands tall. It was designed to model the Big Ben in London by Sir George Gilbert Scott.

The next spot got us to Oval Maidan, a large recreational ground where you will see a large number of people playing cricket and any other sports.

Enjoying the sunny but cool Saturday.

Time to go and catch a bus to Mani Bhavan.





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