India : Mahalaxmi Dhobighat, Mumbai



01/17/15, 12:45 PM UTC+5:30

Canon7D, 10-22mm, 70-200 f4L, Sony Z2 for video.

With proper timing, you can actually catch the trains of Mumbai and not feel sandwiched in a sardine can.

We were heading to Mahalaxmi Dhobighat, a traditional Indian laundry.

I decided to stand and stick my head out to get the full experience. The train tracks passed thru the back of many buildings and I can smell latrines and rotting rubbish.

I even saw some men urinating against a wall. Just be mindful of the tunnels. They can take your head off, literally.

Back lanes of trash.

It was an assault on the nose but all part of the local experience. A train flew by in the opposite direction.

We alighted and headed up to the street side to get a view of the Dhoby Ghaut from an overhead street.

The Dhoby Ghaut is a laundry done Indian style.

Cleaners will beat your clothes hard against a stone and then set them to dry.

There were lots of uniforms at the laundry. Probably contracted out by hotels and restaurants.

They twist the strings so that there is no need for clips. Just your laundry between the twisted ropes.

It is hard work. Taking all the weight and imagine water soaked clothes.

This is where they usally beat your laundry against the stone to get them clean.

Later, back in the hotel, I would find out that they took my towel to clean and was surprised to find out that they do not have extras. We had to wait till after 330pm daily to get new towels. * Please do not get the hotel staff to wash your towels as you will lose them and will have to wait. They do not have spares.

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