India : Getting Around in Mumbai


During my tour on Mumbai Local, we were to experience the different modes of transportation in Mumbai.

I also crossed roads which were not too different from Kuala Lumpur roads.

Here are some videos and photos. Please do go thru the videos as for this post, the videos speak louder than the photos. I want you to experience the sights and sounds of Mumbai.

There is a lot of wind sounds as I held the camera into the wind, outside the train and outside the taxi. If you are wearing earphones, please turn the volume DOWN.

When in Mumbai, the constant sound you will hear on the roads is the ever-present honking and beeping from cars and buses and motorbikes.

Here is my favorite video. Why did the Malaysian cross the road?


Motorbikes seem to be the best method to get around. The above similar to the Tuk Tuk of Bangkok is a metered taxi.

Reach out and touch the car across you.

The vehicles are so close to one another and that is why the honks go off : To alert other drivers of your presence.

All taxis are metered but of course, haggling and refusal to use the meter is very common. You must ensure they use the meter.

Just watch this video and try and count how many times the honks went off. I count ONCE only as it was one long honk all the way. Hahaha.

After a while, I noticed that the honks are quite funny and I smile every time I watch the video.

Getting around on bicycle is an option but not preferred judging by the lack of bicycles. This was not China.

You can choose to get on the bus. Bring small change. 

Some ride the motorbikes.

The bus conductor.

The bus is a loud junk of metal on wheels bouncing thru the streets.

Watch the video as you hear me clunking down the road in this metal junk that brought me back to the bus rides of Kuala Lumpur in the early 90’s.

I love it when the conductor pulls the wire that rings the bell at 0:55 to tell the bus driver to keep driving.

The taxis are very well decorated.

Ride the taxis and prepare small change. And make sure they use the meter!

Lastly is the train ride.

It was not rush hour so no sardine packed trains or hanging out of doors or sitting on roofs.

You can see one guy urinating away from the train at 0:16 onwards. Public toilets? More like public urination.

Overall, an experience to cherish as I managed to experience the common public transports a Mumbaiker will take daily.



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