India : Faces of Mumbai


These photos are a collection from my Mumbai Local tour organized by Mumbai Magic. This is my first post that includes a slideshow.

The above photo is probably the most strongest emotion evoking photo I have in the set. So much uncertainty and questions in those eyes.

Please enjoy the following slideshow.

With a population of 11.98 million, Mumbai is one of the most populous cities in the world. Poverty is rife as the rich get richer whilst most are stuck in the poverty zone.

It is a bustling city where people are always on the move, cars and taxis honking non stop.

There are many street peddlers in Mumbai.

The taxi I had in the morning needed some air and this guys was still brushing his teeth when my taxi stopped

There are a lot of dogs in the streets of Mumbai, more dogs than cats.

Crossing the road is a balancing skill between moving forwards yet controlling your body as to not hit the car crossing your path at the same time moving just in time as it passes so that the car passing your back does not hit you.

There are homeless people on the streets.

It’s a doggone day.

Many school children visit the Gateway of India on field trips.

Women in colorful sarees, probably part of a tour.

There are street beggars who sell items.

Some bring their children. I was told these are sometimes part of a gang syndicate, exploited as their earnings are usually taken by the gangs.

Some people eat by small roadside kiosks.

Two lovely boys pose for me as I take a photo. They must have been curious to see this squinted eye Chinese man walking around with a camera.

My first beggar approach in Mumbai. We were waiting for the bus and they started coming up to ask for money. They do not accept other things and kept asking for money for food.

The bus conductor will make sure you pay your fare.

Shooting out of the rear door of the bus.

Some workers cooking up Swati Snacks.

Helmets are optional. It is illegal to ride without helmets.

Traders selling in the street market.

There was a funeral happening as I came thru.

Everyone is working to scrape a living.

This guy was in front of the temple. Either he was very happy and said Hi to me or was actually forbidding me to take photos.

It was not rush hour, hence the trains were not packed.

Laundry cleaner in Dhoby Ghaut.

There are people sleeping on the streets besides dumpsters and clogged drains.

It makes you reflect on life.

And be thankful for whatever we have.




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