Kuala Lumpur : Forest Research Institute of Malaysia

2015-01-02 11.38.47-press

01/02/15, 10:55 AM UTC+8

It was a hot day and I was free. Everyone was working and I was on a New Year’s break in Kuala Lumpur.

I woke up feeling that I need get a change of environment. I have been stuck in a concrete jungle for months and I was craving to visit a waterfall.

Not many people know that waterfalls are just a 30 minutes drive from the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Head to Kepong and go to FRIM.
I made the 20 minute drive and parked my car at the entrance. Walking in will costs RM1 for entry. If I drove in, parking would cost RM3 plus RM1 per pax.

I decided to take a short walk in. How far would the walk be? Once past the guardhouse, I immediately heard the sounds of the jungle, that shrieking buzzing sound of crickets and insects.

Take a deep breathe and feel your lungs open up.

It was sure refreshing and no trace of smog or pollution.

My body started to heal.
I felt the burden on 2014 slowly lighten.

It was a long walk. Most people would drive in and miss the flora.

I was glad I chose to walk.

FRIM is actually a research of forestry and you will marvel that such a wonder is located right in Kuala Lumpur.

I continued my walk pass a pond that has arapaima but the water was too murky to see. It has been the raining season these past few months. I recalled seeing them some 15 years ago when I visited.

On with the walk brought me pass the clubhouse. Apparently you can rent bikes.

I had to ask for directions and was told to go pass the round about and keep going further. I reckon I would have walked a short 2 kilometers.

I passed a peaceful religious school and then a large football field. I just stopped to take in the view. I was a tourist in my own backyard.

My coveted waterfall was found. I saw some children playing in a man-made pond and turning right ,started walking up the steps.

Some 100 meters and I came upon the first clearing.  I picked my spot. Took off my shoes and set my bag and in I went.

It has been too long. And after a few moments of silent thought, I started splashing around.  I was alone at the base of this fall and I took my time.

For that instance , I was happy. All worries left me and it was me and nature, her soft caress on my shoulders assuring me that 2015 is here.

I have thought into the reason for my existence and what I loved to do, what made me despair and what I wanted to do in 2015.

The water was cold but my heart warmed up. The splashes firm, yet I felt tenderness.

I was glad I woke myself up and chose to come here. A part of me was lazy but that part of me lost. I enjoyed my short trip to the waterfall.

Waterfalls are known to be an area rich with healthy negative ions. These ions helps offset the bad positive ions that come from stress, electronics and pollution.

If you need some time away from the hustler city, take a short drive and head over to FRIM. It will not cost a lot but will be rewarding.

I do not know of taxi services that will bring you in here using the meter. Accessibility is a bit challenging for public transport but you can walk in from the main highway : Middle Ring Road Highway.

My advice is to hail a cab and then let him drop you off. When you want to leave, see if there are any taxis. If not, walk on out and head to the main road some 15 to 20 minutes walk from the guardhouse.

Guardhouse to waterfall is some 20 minutes walk. This area is quite modern. If you opt, you may choose to trek further into the forest.

Canopy walks were available in the past but I am not so sure about it now. I did not ask nor was that my objective this trip.

I spent a total of 3 hours from house to FRIM and back. I spent about 80 minutes in FRIM walking in, splashing around and walking back out.

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