Singapore : Tim Ho Wan, Aperia Mall, Kallang

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12/27/14, 1:42 PM UTC+8

What’s for lunch? What’s for brunch? What to eat?

The common questions and when you just sit there thinking about what you feel like eating and your mind tells you : Anything.

Pre-empting my trip to Hong Kong in 2015 again, I was to sample some Tim Ho Wan in Singapore again, Kuala Lumpur before heading back to enjoy the Tim Ho Wan at Olympian City.

We had eaten at Plaza Singapura when Tim Ho Wan arrived in Singapore and at that time, I was not impressed. Then I headed to Hong Kong and understood why it was given a Michelin Start.

Post lunch hour and the lines where shorter.

Whilst you wait in line, start chalking up your order on the order chit.

Prices are comparable and pretty much similar to Hong Kong. I would say Hong Kong prices are cheaper but by slight.

After a short wait, we were ushered to our tables.

The century egg porridge had a very grits like texture and you can taste the century egg yolk in the porridge. Well done.

Next was to try the Vermicelli Roll with pig liver. This one is an acquired taste. The liver taste was not as overwhelming as other livers.

I found it quite well balanced with the soy sauce.

Fired bean curd shrimp, one of the favorites.

I was starting to taste a hint of Hong Kong. The prawns were fresh and I began to change my perspective of Singapore Tim Ho Wan.

This bun was a bit localized. It was not as brown as the Hong Kong version and the bbq pork inside was less sweet.

I guess it is your preference if you prefer the HK sweeter version. I would say this one is weaker by 20% which makes it more edible in quantities.

Picking these up were a joy. They stayed well in the soft skin and when you bite down, the burst of flavor was brilliant. There was no need for sauce.

So good you can even eat it on its own.

The staple of dim sum, this is pork dumpling with shrimp. I would say comparable but the HK version wins.

Pork ribs with chilli on top. I am not sure if this was a Singaporean addition or if they did the same in HK.

Steamed egg cake was light and fluffy. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

Lastly, something cooling, a perfect dessert.

I was quite surprised they had a breakfast set too.

So what is my verdict?

I would say comparable. If you do not want to fly to Hong Kong just for dim sum, you may head up to Aperia Mall and try this close replica. Lines are relatively shorter and quality is close to HK THW.

Do not come on Monday.

12 Kallang Avenue #01-01/02/03 Aperia, 339511
+65 6684 2000

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday and Public Holiday: 24 Hours

Strictly no reservations; sorry for any inconvenience caused. We would encourage full attendance for all dine-in(s).

I agree with this compared to the chop-chop culture of Singaporeans.

Please come here, full party, eat and go off. If you want to sit and talk for hours, please go to the food court.

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