Singapore : The Tiny Roaster , Clementi West Street

2014-12-20 16.36.21-press

12/20/14, 4:24 PM UTC+8

A little out of our way but we decided to head out to have a small adventure. Getting some coffee after lunch was on the menu.

We decided to take the bus from City Hall Norht Bridge Road to Clementi West Street 1 via a direct bus of 197. It was a nice journey where we talked and enjoyed the slow bus ride without worrying about parking, jams and driving around like we would in Kuala Lumpur.

About 40 minutes later, we arrived and looked for Block 612. It was just 1 minute’s walk from the bus stop on AYE.

Nestled in a corner between old school shops is a quaint cafe. Freshly roasted hand brewed coffees are available.

Now I am a macchiato kind of guy with a penchant for my coffees to be sweet and white. So this experience was something a bit more adventurous for me.

I do like the simple decor. Cozy corners that are simple and allows you to enjoy your coffee.

I somehow felt as if I was in my own living room.

Sit back and watch as your coffee is prepared.

Drip coffee.

My first order was the White Christmas brew.

The coffee at The Tiny Roaster are mainly coffee whcih leans towards the more acidic type.

With the acidity comes a sour after-taste which may allure to some whilst those with a sweet tooth may find this an acquired taste.

I would have hoped that my cup of coffee would stay warm longer but to my surprise found it cooling down much faster.

There was also an order for the Limited Ice Cold brew coffee. This brings you a different experience.

The ice used is actually a frozen ball of ice brew. What this does is lesser dilution and a cold cuppa coffee to enjoy.

Not settling with what we had, I ordered the Christmas Affogato.

The pistachio nuts brought out the flavor of the ice cream which carried a hint of caramel and vanilla. It finally hit my sweet tooth and I enjoyed this tremendously.

Probably the best affogato I have had in recent memory.

It was pouring rain outside and it made our seats in The Tiny Roaster all the more cozier.

The Tiny Roaster is a quaint coffee house off the usual beat.

Enjoy the slow bus ride from town to a more peaceful part of town and have a cup of coffee or enjoy an affogato on a hot Singapore day.

612 Clementi West Street 1, #01-288, Singapore 120612

Operating Hours:

Tuesday – Saturday: 11am-8pm

Sunday                   : 11am-6pm

(Last orders half hour before closing)

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