Kuala Lumpur : Kuay Tiew Reua, Thai Boat Noodle (No)

2014-11-16 12.37.43-pressHuge hoohah about these boat noodle places sprouting out in Kuala Lumpur.
The notion that it is RM1.90 for a bowl of noodles is so cheap!
Kiasuism at the max. *rolls eyes*

Thousands want to try it out thinking they can escape with a steal for cheap noodles.
Boy are they WRONG.

I for one already know this will cost a bomb for an average male adult. Heck, even girls will spend half a bomb for this style of eating.

Kuay Tiew Reua was chosen because of the pork nature. Instead of using beef, they use pork. This was in fact a majority pork weekend.

The place was not too packed for a Sunday noon lunch time. I cannot explain it, or can I?

Wow RM1.90 leh. So cheap!! So cheap!

So let’s see what we get.

I ordered 2 bowls. One was soup version whilst the other was for the dry version to test.

After about 5 minutes, the dishes arrived.

The soup version was surprisingly good but as you can see, one scoop and all is gone.

The dry version looked like a miniature pad thai. Nice but I preferred the soup version.

Add the diced green chilli. It carries a punch so beware. Sour based.  I’d add the fish sauce to salt up the deal. On the right is not salt but sugar.

One pinch of noodles. Comb thru my hair and the hair that drops off will amount to more than this bowl.

The width of each bowl is about the length of a spoon.

One scoop and it is all gone.

I think the RM1.90 includes the costs of soap detergent because the people who have to clean the bowls will use a lot.

I’d feel the shop may make more money had they just made a normal bowl of noodles and used the above broth which was surprisingly very good.

For those who are going to read and burn me for this post, you haters can flame all you want.

So, after 11 bowls, I finally started to feel like I ate a normal bowl’s worth. The price?
So cheap at RM22 but I still was hungry. I felt like I ate a small sized RM4 noodle.

Tub tim krub was watered down and mostly iced. I’ve had better.

The verdict.

Our bill came to about RM33 but was it worth it? I was already heading to another store for food.

Those who say they can eat two or three bowls only and agree with the price are either anorexic or are so full of shit they can’t eat.

The soup noodle was slurpy good and and loved the flavor in the soup. It is very good. Though I’d be happy with a full bowl of noodles rather than bite size that ends up being ridonkulously priced if you were to eat the quantity to a full meal.

The lack of other Thai cuisine makes this place a limited option. You can head over here if you are to eat Boat Noodles only but prepare to pay. I guess it beats flying to Thailand to actually eat this.

The most I’d pay for each portion was probably 80cents to a dollar. RM 1.90 is a close to day light robbery.

For haters who tell me to eat 2 bowls only, I’d get a bowl of RM4 noodles anywhere and let’s compare which one of us do not require an extra meal after.

Not hating, just saying. This is my honest opinion. The noodle is actually very good. Just be prepared to pay a lot more to fill up. I guess on the positive side, you can say that you can eat this as a snack.



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