Kuala Lumpur : Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant at ParkRoyal KL


Ala carte and buffet are two direct opposite. These two words need to be separated by a knife. However, for some of us, it is a blessing. Not content with a buffet that requires you to get up to get your own food, ala carte buffets offer a sit down and order variety. The only catch is that I feel ala carte buffets require a large group to enjoy the dishes on order.

Nestled in a corner of ParkRoyal KL is Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant. The restaurant boasts a 65 dish menu and at RM65 per pax, you can order any of the 65 dishes as many times as possible*

*the sharksfin soup is limited to once.

The strategy for this is to have at least 4 people. The 5 of us were celebrating Ah Moi’s birthday and it was time to feast.

Take a look at the menu. We arrived at 630pm. Feast!

Look thru the menu and decide what you’d prefer.

I’d stay clear of the RM10 per pax for Chinese tea. Besides, my strategy will involve ordering cold desserts since they are unlimited.

This place is best for prawn lovers as the prawns are very fresh and chewy.

Feast on the shark’s fin soup. Some have seen my stand on avoiding sharks fin whilst others have seen my hypocritically eating it. Here is my logic, if there is a choice to order it, I would abstain. But if it comes to the table as part of a package, I would eat it as it is not right to waste food.

I refuse to drawn into a debate with people who, have been destroying the earth for the past 2000 years and now seeing their past destruction, suddenly form movements like Greenpeace or whatever to urge others to recycle and to save the planet.  If you want to save the planet, get a bicycle and cycle to work.

Back to the food.

Marinated chilled cucumber. This one just as an appetizer.

Marinated jellyfish. This one carries a Japanese touch.

Marinated Japanese octopus.

Stir fried vegetables in garlic. This dish was ordered many times as it was actually very good. I was asking for seconds.

Stir fried beef in ginger and spring onions.

Crispy prawn with wasabi mayo.

Deep fried prawn rolls with Katafi.

Steamed prawns.

Buttered prawns.

Deep fried prawns in salt.

The prawn dishes were ordered over and over again because they were really good. Prawns also costs a lot so this one will get you on your return of investment.

Steamed fish in soy sauce. I am not a fan of fish so I passed on this dish. It is basically tilapia fish.

Crispy roasted chicken. This one was well done. Crispy skin and good meat.

Sweet and sour prawns.

Eight treasures soup with seafood. Apparently, you have to order this when you are here. The color did put me off a bit but it does taste good.

Shanghai dumplings. Other posts have asked us to avoid this but we ordered it anyways. Yes the skin is a bit thick. It’s fine.

Braised eggplant with minced garlic and chilli. The eggplant was well cooked and the combination was both sinful and rewarding.

Here is the strategy. Avoid paying RM10++ for chinese tea when you have this. Just order about 3-4 portions of this and it will last you  for a cup of Chinese tea.

Of course if you insist, go ahead and order your Chinese tea. I prefer cold drinks for my meals and I will not be ordering the Chinese tea next time.

The tau foo fah was awesome. Soft and smoother than butter, enjoy this one.

Chinese pancakes! My favorite with lotus paste.

Order some fruits for digestion.

I tried the rojak but this one was mainly some sliced fruits in off-the-shelf rojak sauce so avoid this if you want.

Time to head back to the hotel and a fortune cookie!

Price is RM65 ++.Chinese tea adds RM10++.

good for 4-5 people attacks as you get to try various dishes.

Food is really good if you focus on the prawns and keep ordering.

Stay the entire session 3-4 hours will get your fill.


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