Taiwan : Chong Zhua Bing a.k.a Scallion Pancakes , Taipei


Aug 19, 2014
Tue, 10:41 AM UTC+8


Fancy a quick snack on the street that is both filling and economical?

Spot these street hawkers who operate small shops on wheels.

Most of these are fly-by-night illegal stalls and they will disappear in a blink of an eye if they get wind of enforcement arriving.

So how are these made?

The dough is placed under a stomper. Yes, that is what I call it.

Once flatten, on to the pan.

Cook some eggs.

Scrambled a bit.

This is the finished product. How do they taste? Awesome!

For TWD35, this is a cheap eat and one of my favorites. This was the black pepper flavor. It matched well with the fried egg in it.

To most of us who are from Malaysia and Singapore, you will notice a close resemblance to Roti Canai /Prata. The texture is exact with an aromatic scent of scallion.

The egg with black pepper soy sauce brings out a good taste in the Chong Zhua Bing. I did not try the curry flavour though.

Price range from 20 to 30 TWD and adding 10TWD gets you the egg. I won’t want to eat this plain and the egg completes this economical yet filling meal.

Calories may be high though bt then if you are cycling, who cares.

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