Taiwan : Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle


08/19/14, 10:23 AM UTC+8

This is a must eat if you are ever in Taipei. Head on over to Ximending, morning or night and have a bowl of noodles.

I have heard stories of people not being able to find this place so here are instructions.

Take Exit 6 from the Metro Ximen Station (that is the dot at the bottom of the map labelled 6), with the exit at your back, you will then head at a 1 o’clock direction road pass a 1973 sign board on your right. Once you reach the first open round plaza, take a right and head down the road on Emei Street. About 60 meters, on your right, you will see this place.

Depending on the time and wave, you may find this place totally queued up with long lines, or no lines at all. Prepare to eat standing up as the 10 chairs do little to cater for the crowds.

Each bowl cost 65 NTD for the large bowl and 50 NTD. Make your order and pay.

Do not worry about holding a hot bowl as the paper bowl given to you has a solid edged based allowing you to hold whilst standing.

Do mix the bowl of noodles well as most of the garlic sauce and vinegar is at the bottom.

You get a starchy bowl of noodles with a few slices of pig intestines. My favorite. I go slow on the vinegar though.

I would rate this as an good dish to have and mee sua lovers will definitely enjoy this eat.

I am not a fan but even then I love this and usually consume 1-2 bowls!

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