Taiwan : ZhiQiang Night Market, Hualien


08/17/14, 5:41 PM UTC+8

Night markets are a cultural thing in Taiwan and that is no exception in Hualien.

Arriving at 540pm after dolphin watching, it was time to spend some time here and then get dinner.

A cool contraption where a motor turns a piece of plastic to ward off flies.

It was early evening and the crowds were starting to flock in.

The atmosphere is colorful and bustling.

Fresh seafood in Hualien.

Huge oysters.

Coffin sandwich is a unique concept in Taiwan.

Apparently, a lot of news coverage for this stall here.

You peel open the piece of bread.

The shop expertly cuts the bread and creates a crevice.

Add your cabbage and meat sauce.

Coming at NTD45, a good snack.

The bread before being dipped in oil and cut open .

The store opens from 3pm to 1230am.

The dinner crowd has arrived.

And so did the colorful assortment of street food.

The candied strawberry is sure to send you to the dentist!

My favorite Taiwanese sausage.

Meat sausage. The other white sausage consists of skin wrapped rice.

Big sausage wrapping small sausage. It is a nice snack and quite filling, mind you.

Fresh fruit stalls are aplenty and definately a delight in the humid summer nights of Taiwan.

Smelly toufu only assaults your nose but taste mild.

Fresh prawns ready to be barbecued.

Scallops, thick and juicy.

It was time for dinner.

Prices are not too bad for Taiwan standards.  Prices ranged between NTD 90 to NTD180 ( for the largest oyster)

Oysters are not my favorite but I’ll take it.

The seafood here is very fresh and worth the money you are paying.

The girl in pink on the right asked if I was a foreigner since I did not speak Mandarin. Of course! She then started to speak English and she did a good job.

This stall had the smell of bah kut teh but with mutton.

I had to give it a try and to be honest, the dish has a fragrance of spices and herbs but lacks the power of taste. As with most foods we’ve encountered in Taiwan, lack of salt.

I had to add more soy sauce in my soup to make it nice. A small bowl just to try.

Next up is fried squid.

This is a full squid ranging from NTD120 to NTD180.  We got the NTD150 which came at an acceptable size.

Chopped up for ease of eating.

This was a beautiful machine that did an awesome job of making my favorite fruit drink : Orange Juice!

Time to head back to the homestay, a quick dial to Andy and he drove over with his young grandson. We had to stop by a shop to buy pajamas for him.

The young boy asked if it was okay for him to wear pajamas out for the day. Andy replied : Do you see me wearing pajamas going out?

I felt it was an awesome answer and even thinking about it now, makes me laugh.


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