Taiwan : It is a simple life at Hualien Bay Homestay


It is a simple life in Hualien Homestay. The trip to Hualien was made specifically to stay at Hualien Bay again.

For the 2012 trip, click here.

I highly recommend this place. The place is a bit jaded from the past 2 years but the hospitality is still awesome.

Not many changes, just the change of tourist coming and going. This place was a bit more busier and fully booked, probably due to the school holiday season.

For bookings :



Rise and shine in the morning.

Wake up to a nice home made breakfast. Depending on the season, you can get goats milk or soya milk. All fresh and lightly sweetened. You can drink as much as Andy will encourage you.

Breakfast consists of sandwiches and some fruits that will fill you. Get some coffee while you are at it. 

Some grapes and a bit of pineapple.

The bread is soft and white. So delicious.

I a not a coffee person but I took some just to savor the moment.

After breakfast, head out for a short walk around the farm. The dogs are a bit old but they do not bite. They mainly just bark to show their displeasure.

It was the school holidays and Andy’s grandchildren were staying with them. And what a ruckus they made.

At one point, one of them opened the cage to the ducks and all the ducks, turkeys and chickens ran out for a short walk.

After some breakfast, feel free to get on a bike and cycle around.

The bike path along the beach has been completed though some sections just cut off and end so do be careful.

Absorb the slower pace of this quieter part of town.

Cycling thru the back roads.

Quaint and quiet.

Just continue to relax.

When you want to escape the fast complicated pace of the city, head over to Hualien Bay for some recovery.

It feels like visiting your grandparents during your summer vacation. Rediscover a simpler life and rejuvenate.


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